A Carthaginian Army for the WAB GT


Latest Project Now Live

My latest WAB project is now live – you can follow my progress at


Cheers Wayne


Day 18

Hurrah ! the Spanish Scutarii are finished at last. Will post some pics tomorrow when the light is better.

Have also undercoated and based up the Spanish heavy cavalry and the Oscan warriors, so will be working on those this week.

The final list for the GT has been emailed in and I have arranged a practice game against Republican Romans for Tuesday evening. Might post a report if I remember to take some pics.

Cheers W.

Day 17

Took another battering from Paddy’s “improved” Indian mincing machine. After our last game he decided to drop an elephant (2 now insted of 3), consolidate the longbow units (now 2 x 24 instead of 4 x 12), and add more skirmishers to screen the chariots. The changes certainly worked and made it a much tougher proposition from my perspective.

Once again the chariots were the real killers dishing out a staggering 40 BS4 javs a turn. i was taking figures off in handfulls !

My current revised list is as follows;

1 x Gen

1 x ASB

9 x Numidian Cav

9 x Spanish Heavy Cav

18 x Veteran Inf

24 x Trained Africans

21 x Trained Africans

20 x Spanish Scutarii

9 x Oscan Warriors

9 x Libyan skirmishers

9 x Baleric Slingers

1 x Elephant

2 x Heavy Bolt Throwers

2199pts = B Class List

Added the polyfila to the base of the Spanish cav tonight. Hoping to finish the Spanish infantry over the weekend – honestly.

Cheers W.

Day 16

Added another 225pts to the army by painting up the General and Army Standard Bearer. Can’t see these guys fighting as their stats aren’t great so am planning on having them sat behind the main battle line.

Have made a start on assembling the Spanish cavalry, although in the two practice games I’ve had so far they haven’t managed to get into combat or even fired a javelin in anger.

Finally, I have dedided to add in a couple of bolt throwers to give me some anti-elephant/chariot capability. I managed to pick up a couple of painted ones from ebay. If I have time then I will rebase them to match the rest of the army.

Still working on the Spanish Scutarii. Cheers W.

Day 15

Happy to report that I have completed another unit – this time it’s 9 Numidian cavalry. Went for a basic paint job on these, again using a restricted palette. Flesh is Conker Brown with North African on top. Tunic is GW terracotta. Horses are GW Scorched Brown, Graveyard Earth and a bit of Khaki Commando mixed in.

I managed a game this week against Paddy Bray’s Indians. Very tough for the Carthaginians as I have no long range firepower, meaning that Paddy’s Chariots and Elephants could roam around the battlefield at will. The troops performed ok. Although my elephant stampeded off the table in turn 1 and the numidian cavalry soon followed them.

I’ve had a rethink about the list and have decided to drop the Oscan Phalanx. This allows me to make the army a “B” class and gives me 200pts more to play with. I’ve swapped the Oscans for another unit of trained Africans and have added a small unit of Baleric Slingers (BS4) and 2 bolt throwers. The bolt throwers do D4 wounds so will give me something to use against chariots and elephants.

Next of the painting block are the General and ASB, soon to be followed by the Oscan Warriors.

Cheers W.

Day 14

The Veteran unit of 20 is now complete, so that’s at least another 355pts towards the army. My initial thought is not to make them drilled as at 19pts they are over pointed compared to a standard phalanx guy. Why troops with no missile capability are made BS4 remains a mystery to me. However, I might make them drilled and drop 3 figures from the Scutarii unit (making it 21 figs instead of 24). this has the added advantage of being less figures to paint.

I think I will try and finish the Spanish Scutarii next.


Day 13

Got distracted from the Vets and decided to paint up the first of the Spanish scutarii to get a feel for how long it would take. I’m giving these guys lighter coloured tunics, a mixture of Khaki, Dark Sand, Bleached Bone etc washed with a variety of the GW inks/Washes.

Here are a couple of pics I found on the net as inspiration to us all. Simply awesome.

Anyway, back to the Vet’s I guess. Cheers W.